Elizabeth Spiers, Founder

Elizabeth founded The Insurrection in 2016. She is a new media expert and entrepreneur and veteran journalist. She was previously the Editor in Chief of The New York Observer and Editorial Director of Observer Media Group. Before that, she was the founder of Breaking Media (which publishes Dealbreaker, AboveTheLaw and Fashionista) and was the founding editor of Gawker, the flagship site of Gawker Media. She has launched a variety of digital properties and products for brands, media companies, and agencies.  She is also a former financial columnist at Fortune, teaches in SVA’s Design Criticism MFA program, and is a Young Leaders Forum Fellow with the National Committee on United States-China Relations. She was named one of Fast Company's Most Influential Women in Technology, and also serves or has served on the advisory boards of Flavorpill Media, Counsyl, OfAKind, Selfie, Wall Street Cheat Sheet, and Clade.


Michael Woodsmall, Director of Operations

Michael is an experienced operator in print and digital media, having served as Managing Editor for multiple titles including The New York Observer and its subsidiaries, Thrillist-owned Supercompressor, and The Inertia. He has bootstrapped low-budget projects with one- to two-person teams and managed departments of 25 to 30, working primarily with editors and writers but also acting as the editorial liaison to design/production and marketing/sales. He specializes in the ideation and execution of editorial strategy and growth initiatives. He has also overseen the expansion of established media companies into new markets, advising publishers, CEOs, and editors-in-chief on product development: researching competitive space; developing editorial direction; hiring; launch; oversight of sales and marketing efforts; and supervising distribution logistics.


Peter Feld, Political director

Peter's experience as a researcher spans academic clinical psychology, political polling, and consumer research in media and other industries. He has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and was the Director of Custom Research at Condé Nast. He has also held research director positions at political consulting firm Global Strategy Group and the Paul Tsongas presidential campaign, and was a polling analyst for Peter Hart and Celinda Lake. He's conducted focus groups on immigrants' access to health care, multiethnic coexistence in postwar Kosovo and Croatia, and teen magazines, and taught polling at New York University. Peter has a strong digital and print editorial background: he was online editor of Conde Nast's family lifestyle magazine Cookie and editor in chief of Scooter, the New York Observer's parenting magazine.